PolySpec® IMO CLAD

PolySpec® IMO CLAD Epoxy Underlayment is a 100% solids, two component, trowel applied epoxy resin that is mixed with properly graded silica aggregates. It may be used when a deck requires a change in contour or grade, and is specially formulated to provide a sound surface beneath ceramic tile, epoxy terrazzo, and other polymeric decking materials.

Recommended Uses

  • Underlayment for ceramic tile, epoxy terrazzo, vinyl, polymeric decking materials and virtually any other covering
  • Wet & dry spaces in all marine and shipboard applications, especially those prone to flexing
  • Approved for deck leveling or fairing


  • Moisture resistant, non-porous surface; long-term protection against moisture intrusion
  • Fast application, minimal downtime
  • Low odor, 100% solids: safe for environment, installers, and occupants
  • Tenacious bond to substrate
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Resists wear from tough traffic and adverse conditions
  • Meets the requirements outlined by IMO, ABS, and other classification societies