THIOKOL high performance and chemical resistant sealant systems provide versatile expansion joint applications for the construction industry.

THIOKOL® Sealant Systems

THIOKOL® sealants have been developed for aggressive chemical and fuel containment areas. These chemical resistant sealant systems offer long-term protection from intermittent and continuous exposures to organic and inorganic acids, caustics, solvents, and fuels.

THIOKOL® Sealant Systems Case Story

Gasoline leaks eliminated with Thiokol sealant, extending life of rivet tanks while reducing maintenance time, costs.

Esso Petrolera Argentina SRL, a refinery located 70 km north of Buenos Aires, serves Argentina and Latin American countries. Crude and petrochemical products are stored in tanks of varying sizes. Over time, leaks develop at the rivet joint of some of these tanks.

Sealants With Unsurpassed Protection

THIOKOL® sealants are used in a wide variety of applications including parking and bridge decks, reservoirs and canals, tank chines and warehouse floors. PolySpec’s THIOKOL sealants optimize adhesion, elongation and chemical resistance to provide unsurpassed protection in expansion joint applications.

THIOKOL® Sealant Systems Case Story


High performance sealant system restores highly corroded 15,000 m3 crude tank to reliable use.

Oldelval’s Medanitos pumping station Tank 1, which has a 15,000 m3 capacity, suffered extensive “soil side corrosion” that had caused holes in the tank flooring. In order to eliminate the entry of water, sand and dust — the causes of the corrosion — Oldelval modernized the complete flooring system, using the most recent edition construction code for tank flooring over a concrete base.