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The name Polyspec/Thiokol has long been synonymous with coatings and sealants with excellent UV resistance, weatherability, chemical resistance and thermal stability.

Our Polyspec/Thiokol coatings are now being used extensively for primary containment such as chemical process and storage tanks, underground and aboveground fuel storage tanks and concrete sumps. Because of their crack-bridging ability they are also ideal for use in secondary containment concrete dikes.

Polyspec/Thiokol delivers ideal solutions for even the most complex containment system projects.


Containment System Case Story

Coating and lining used in primary and secondary containment of hazardous waste in chemical plant

Condea Vista Chemical tested and evaluated coating materials for both primary and secondary containment areas for their hazardous waste. Based on positive test results, FlakeRez® 303 was selected for this project.

FlakeRez® chemical resistant barrier coatings are intended for use in severe immersion or splash/ spillage conditions such as tank linings, structural steel and secondary containment. These vinyl ester and polyester coatings utilize overlapping flake technology for increased resistance to vapor transmission.

The coating was applied to the hazardous waste storage tank and surrounding containment to prevent chemical degradation of the concrete in the event of a spill.