Flooring Systems

Industrial and Commercial
From high gloss sheen to abrasion resistant, these floors are easily installed with the finish that you require.

TuffRez® Polymeric Flooring

TuffRez® floors are durable polymeric systems designed for a wide range of applications. These systems combine aesthetics with functionality for high-performance requirements in industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.
Each TuffRez® flooring system is carefully formulated to be user-friendly and environmentally compliant. They provide outstanding wear characteristics and high strength properties. All systems meet USDA, OSHA, LEED and EPA requirements.

TuffRez® Polymeric Flooring Case Story

Indy Racing Team recruits semi-flexible epoxy flooring for excellent chip resistance, chemical protection & abrasion resistance.

Kelley Racing’s 30,000 square foot maintenance facility in Indianapolis is the heart of team operation. In this busy work area, the team’s Formula cars undergo intense tuning and repair in preparation for various high-profile racing events.

TuffRez® Hygienic Flooring

Polyurethane concrete technology has been in existence for over forty years. TuffRez® polyurethane concrete systems provide unsurpassed thermal shock resistance and chemical protection in pharmaceutical, food and beverage plants.
We can incorporate a performance antimicrobial, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds. and mildew if so desired.

TuffRez® Hygienic Flooring Case Story

Meat processing plant utilizes TuffRez® system for over 50,000 square foot expansion.In an effort to meet the continued growth of their business, Abbyland Foods, Inc. expanded their meat processing facilities by 50,000 square feet.
They required a floor system that could withstand severe thermalshock, sodium hypochlorite, and heavy forklift traffic while resisting bacteria growth.